Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flatitude - January - 2010

Jimmy is holding a contest in Melbourne in January 2010. Presented by Little Black Bike & supported by many others, it looks like it's gonna be good!!

Check the flyer for more info or by clicking here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

August in Europe, 2009

Shane Badman put together an edit from his recent travelling through Europe.

The guys over at Newcircle have posted it up, you can check it out by clicking here now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Newcircle Down Underground round 1 writeup on Global!

For those of you who missed it, Shane Badman wrote a review for Global-Flat earlier this week.

Check it out now by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2010 Flatland Calendar

For the second year in a row Fat Tony and Flatland Fuel are proud to present an exclusive Flatland BMX Calendar. The 12-month 2010 wall calendar features 15 original flatland photos of riders from six countries shot all around the world. Each month features a different rider in a unique location including Japan, Monaco, France, Australia, Czech Republic, Panama, and the U.S. In addition to the twelve months, there is also a bonus poster so you can keep flatland on your wall even after '10 has passed. As the only calendar of its kind the 2010 Flatland BMX Calendar is a must-have for flatland riders worldwide, but the only way to get one is to place an order with Flatlandfuel.

The best part about the '09 Flatland Calendar is that the calendars are absolutely FREE when you place an order with Flatlandfuel (while supplies last)!

For a preview of the calendar, click here & for an interesting interview on how it all came about click here.

Riders Include: Dominik Nekolny, Terry Adams, Chase Gouin, Moto Sasaki, Adam Kun, Kotaro Tanaka, Max Roth, Denes Katona, Matt Wilhelm, Dane Beardsley, Chad Johnston, York Uno, Shane Badman, Matthias Dandois, and Bobby Carter.

The 2009 Flatland BMX Calendar is proudly sponsored by Flatland Fuel, Cream, Flatware, Suelo, KHE, Fourthirty Clothing, Quamen, OG Bike Co., Hoffman Bikes, DK, S&M, Ares Bykes, and Colony. A huge thanks goes out to each company who helped make the calendar possible. It is support from companies like them that keeps flatland growing!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Newcircle DownUnderground Round 1 - Final Results!!

The finals have just gone down for the first round of the Newcircle DownUnderground in Perth. Awesome turnout, awesome crowd & great level of riding went down!

Middies Class
1) Jason Parker
2) Mike Brandt
3) Shaun Jarvis
4) Andi Fontini

Advanced Class
1) Shane Badman
2) Brett Dighton
3) Ben Moran
4) Andrew McDermott

Detailed report including photos & video will be coming soon!!!

Thanks to all the riders that came to ride & hang out, to Shaun Jarvis & Freestyle Now for setting it up, Newcircle, Colony, Rebelyell & Airwalk for supporting & everyone that was there!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So much going on over in West Oz!

The crew over in West Oz have always got a tonne of stuff happening. The Freestyle Now! posse have been busy doing demos all over the place with Shaun Jarvis, Andrew McDermott & Ben Moran handling flatland duties.

Photos courtesy of Freestyle Now

For more info on what's been going down over there check out Freestyle Now.

Also don't forget this Friday the first contest of the Newcircle DownUnderground series is going down in Perth - be there!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kevin Browne interview

Thanks to Mizo for hooking this up! Great to see Kevin getting out there, first met him when he was in a Australia a few years back, then at The Green Mile in London a while later - top bloke!

It was a nice hot summer day when me and my friend Reverson, after days of riding at the same location decided to get our bikes and head to a different spot. We choose Waterford, the capital of the Sunny South East of Ireland Founded in 914 AD by the Vikings (??). Well the fact is that we didn’t expect to find a flatlander riding over there! We know the Irish scene is not big but for our surprise we were wrong. From far away we noticed a guy riding a BMX, and I first thought it could be a street rider (there are a lot of riders around so we didn’t care) but suddenly we saw flatland moves going on so we looked at each other and shouted "WHAT THAT HELL?" . After finishing his tricks, the dude who looked completely shocked at us was Kevin Browne.

Kevin has experienced untold tragedy in life. He lost employment and went out of control after the passing of his mother, father and sister . He got himself in a lot of trouble with the law and had to get out of the country moving to the UK, then Australia. There he made new friends and started flatland. Over the years he has changed, matured and learned a lot. Now he's come back and moved on, cleaning up all the trouble that was left and found in BMX a new life.

Fair play to you man, ride on!!!!
Mizo 2009

Kevin Browne from mizo on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Colony signed Poker Kit Giveaway!!

The guys over at Newcircle have a ONE OFF signed Poker Kit from the final of this years DownUnderground series in Brisbane to giveaway.

For more details on how to go into the running to win this, click here now.

Karl Hughes & WBP now on Newcircle!

The following was taken from the Newcircle site:

Karl Hughes has been committed to the World Bike Projects (WBP) for some time, providing riders in developing countries with the opportunity to put together flatland bikes. For more info about Karl & what he’s been doing check out his interview here & his recent interview in Cream.

Karl’s commitment to flatland is easily recognised through the WBP & in addition to this he also acts as moderator on a number of forums globally as well as being an active rider. His enthusiasm & passion to help has inspired many & we at Newcircle felt it was time a company supported his projects & provided him with a bigger platform through which he can now reach more people around the world.

Newcircle are stoked to now have Karl Hughes & the WBP as part of the team.

Ross & Shane