Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kevin Browne interview

Thanks to Mizo for hooking this up! Great to see Kevin getting out there, first met him when he was in a Australia a few years back, then at The Green Mile in London a while later - top bloke!

It was a nice hot summer day when me and my friend Reverson, after days of riding at the same location decided to get our bikes and head to a different spot. We choose Waterford, the capital of the Sunny South East of Ireland Founded in 914 AD by the Vikings (??). Well the fact is that we didn’t expect to find a flatlander riding over there! We know the Irish scene is not big but for our surprise we were wrong. From far away we noticed a guy riding a BMX, and I first thought it could be a street rider (there are a lot of riders around so we didn’t care) but suddenly we saw flatland moves going on so we looked at each other and shouted "WHAT THAT HELL?" . After finishing his tricks, the dude who looked completely shocked at us was Kevin Browne.

Kevin has experienced untold tragedy in life. He lost employment and went out of control after the passing of his mother, father and sister . He got himself in a lot of trouble with the law and had to get out of the country moving to the UK, then Australia. There he made new friends and started flatland. Over the years he has changed, matured and learned a lot. Now he's come back and moved on, cleaning up all the trouble that was left and found in BMX a new life.

Fair play to you man, ride on!!!!
Mizo 2009

Kevin Browne from mizo on Vimeo.

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