Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colony DownUnderground Round 4 Flyer!!

The much anticipated flyer for the finals of the Colony DownUnderground Series is now available! Thanks to Russ for putting this brilliant piece together & Brett Dighton for getting the groundwork done.

Also, Perth local Mike Brandt sent through this edit from Colony DownUnderground Round 3 in Sydney that also includes footage of Mike S's home spot of Hyde Park & also the famous Bondi Beach spot! Riders include Michael Husser, Eric Effinger, Paul Chamberlain, Thomasz Hantke, Vinnie Pugh & Chris McMillan. Good times!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rebelyell BMX Magazine - Issue 8 OUT NOW!!

Chris Polack - world renowned BMX photographer, editor & part-time flatlander - has the 8th issue of Rebellyell out in stores now!

Here's a short blurb on this issue:

Rebel Yell #8 'the hands on issue' has landed and is already causing a stir in the Australasian BMX scene merely days after its arrival. Hailed 'the best mag yet' by riders nationwide, this issue focuses on BMX as a self sufficient and creative subculture. Interviews with Russel 'rusty' Brindley and Nick Hills showcase some seriously burly bike control as well as some witty and interesting lifestyle views. 'Band of Brothers' attack of the Hotel Wrecking City Traders documents the tight and exciting underground rock n roll music scene that dominates Melbourne Suburbia, with a tight and intense live show from one of Australias best kept secrets.
Also featuring music, art and video reviews, BMX games coverage and 'Do it yourself' BMX spots from all over the country.
With stylish layouts, left-wing rants and Photographic imagery that'll knock your socks off, the subtitle 'Photography, lifestyle and the truth' has never been more relevant to an issue. Get hold of a copy now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael Husser - continued

The feedback has been great on Michael's video from his first part - awesome to see!

Michael also wanted to say a few things about his time traveling around Ausralia:

Hi guys!
Traveling around Australia with my bike in the van.. What a great journey!
I spent 8 months traveling around this amazing country, and riding by myself on some random spots.
After 6 months, my first contact with the Aussie flatland scene was with this "top bloke" Shaun Jarvis and the over-motivated Andrew.
I quickly enjoyed their attitude, the West Coast Crew rocks!
And then I arrived in Melbourne: The Trap.
The activist Paul Chamberlain introduced me to this city where I met some cool dudes like Chris Polack and Ben Moran with who it was great to hang with after riding!

I will bring a great souvenir from this Aussie flatland family back to France.
Thanks for everything guys!

Photos taken by Michael's friend David Apostol of Melbourne. He's always keen to shoot flatland & can be reached at for more info, so hit him up!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eric Effinger interview on Global & pics from W.A!

Semi-permanent Australian resident, Mike S from Germany recently did a nice little interview with Canadian ripper & visitor Eric Effinger on Global-Flat. Both had been riding the famous Hyde Park spot in central Sydney & hopefully they'll be making it back sometime soon. Great to see they've been making the Colony DownUnderground Series as well.
Pic thanks to Mike S.

Perth rippers Shaun Jarvis & Mike Brandt sent me a couple pics from their sesh at the Concert Hall on Friday. Looks like Shaun's elbow is all good & it's a marble spot - dope!!!

Introducing: Michael Husser - a Frenchman living & travelling around Aus

I got to ride with Michael when I was back in Australia in January. The local crew in Melbourne had put a jam on at the Imax riding spot & along with a bunch of the locals, he was there & killing it.

There are so many styles in flatland & it's tough to have your own flavour, yet Michael pulls it off effortlessly. Not to mention an interesting character too, just have a conversation with him & you'll see what i'm talking about.

While abroad, Michael has been keeping a detailed website going - check it out here. Along with a bunch of cool pics, he's also got some riding footage on there including this awesome edit.

Unfortunately Michael is heading back to France in the next few weeks, but not before taking a detour through Thailand & Vietnam.

He made this excellent self-edit at the end of 2008. It's all about the flow...

To be continued...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's happening in Western Australia?

Freestyle Now kingpin, Shaun Jarvis has been a busy boy over in his part of the country. Along with supporting the BMX scene by way of coaching clinics, running jams & contests he also is getting back into hardcore riding after his elbow injury that will see him having advanced cell treatment applied next week for the finishing touch.

He's also going to be riding a brand new Colony Bloody Oath frame in 19.8" shortly.

Andrew (Buff) McDermott has been riding on a mission recently, but unfortunately his arms have been paying the price so he's having a short break. Word on the street is he's going to be competing in the advanced class for the final of the Colony DownUnderground Series happening in Brisbane on July 4 & possibly brakeless?? Lookout...

Regular Friday sessions are also going down at Concert Hall in Perth with the usual crew including Perth ripper Mike Brandt.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Colony Cube highlight on the Colony site!

Clint Millar over at Colony have a cool little product highlight for the Cube frame over at the Colony site.

Rumour has it that Colony will be making big updates to the site with more information & updates on the upcoming flatland line.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Colony DownUnderground Series: The finals for 2009!

On July 4 in Brisbane, Australia will be the final stop of the 2009 Colony Downunderground Series.

If you've forgotten how much fun they are check these vids from Round 1

and Round 2

More info coming soon...

Flatland Australia - news coming at ya!

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