Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karl Hughes & WBP now on Newcircle!

The following was taken from the Newcircle site:

Karl Hughes has been committed to the World Bike Projects (WBP) for some time, providing riders in developing countries with the opportunity to put together flatland bikes. For more info about Karl & what he’s been doing check out his interview here & his recent interview in Cream.

Karl’s commitment to flatland is easily recognised through the WBP & in addition to this he also acts as moderator on a number of forums globally as well as being an active rider. His enthusiasm & passion to help has inspired many & we at Newcircle felt it was time a company supported his projects & provided him with a bigger platform through which he can now reach more people around the world.

Newcircle are stoked to now have Karl Hughes & the WBP as part of the team.

Ross & Shane

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