Thursday, October 29, 2009

Troy Williams interview

I've known Troy for quite a few years now, first meeting him in Whyalla maybe back in 2002 or so. He lives in a small town with one skatepark a few places to ride flatland & a long way from other flatlanders. That hasn't stopped him though, he's kept with riding & being involved & he recently came over for a day to Adelaide so it was great to spend a bit more time with him for a catchup.
Shane Badman

1. Full name & years involved with flatland
Troy Williams, been riding since 2002ish

2. How did you get introduced to flatland?
its actually cause one of my classmates at school had a BMX so I got interested and picked up a copy of 2020 and it had a interview with Shane Badman in it and I was hooked, I wanted to start riding after that

3. Describe living in Whyalla? How is the riding scene there?
the riding scene here is good, we got a couple of youngin's coming up that are mad good and in summer chill sessions down at the park and the bowl go well. As does street on any decent night. We are all a fairly tight bunch and help each other out, everyone jumps on my bike every now and again and now everyone here has learnt how to do Fork Glides!

4. What are you biggest influences in riding?
I'm a big fan of the whole Aussie scene, Shane Badman, Simon O'Brien, Stumpy...pretty much everyone from here. But Shane opened my eyes to it all, he happened to be in Whyalla like the day I picked up my first 2020 and I e-mailed him and he came to the park and all started from that. Mike S and Matt Wilhelm are big influences too.

5. Travel destinations?
I loved Melbourne when I went there for the Games this year, IMAX is awesome! besides that I want to try and get to every round of the DUG that I can...going to the worlds or Circle Of Balance would be mad, even just to watch

6. Goals with flatland?
I don't really have any goals, I just want to have fun and I do, even if I am on my own. I mean, if I land something new no one is going to know except me, haha.

7. How would you describe your approach to flatland?
I'm pretty laid back I guess, I get frustrated that I cant progress some nights when I think I'm close but I don't get mad and throw my bike and stuff like that, it just makes me want to try more. I'm really more into back wheel links but I'm too lazy/broke to put back brakes on and I love the look of a bike with just fronts.

8. Any one to thank?
Thanks to Shane for the interview/inspiration/good times, Thanks to Clint for going through the effort of getting my frame painted, thanks to Ross Lav for painting it for me and thanks to all the guys at IMAX for cheering me on to come last! haha. Like I said in forums, someone had to do it!

9. Final words?
Get off the computer and ride your bike, unless its raining or too hot or something!

oh, and have fun!

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