Friday, October 30, 2009

Bike Check: Ronnie Rampton

While on the theme of super light bikes started by Ginny a few weeks ago, Ronnie has stepped up with his own ride. Ronnie digs a light bike, but this one gets used on the daily.

Frame: Ares 09 AY Spear
Fork: KHE 09 Tanaka
Handlebars: 07 Ares AY Bars
Grips: Demolition
Barends: Colony Konka
Brake levers: Odyssey medium
Cables: Shadow Conspiracy
Brake: Suelo
Headset: Ares Headset
Spacers: 1/2 degree spacer in bottom of fork to adjust offset & carbon fibre spacers under stem
Stem: 07 Ares (Ti bolts)
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Seatpost: Thomson
Seatclamp: Ares
Cranks: St. Martin Holloway cranks
Bottom Bracket: Road bike BB w. Ti
Sprocket: St. Martin 20t (w. 10t grinded off)
Pedals: Odyssey Chameleon
Chain: KMC hollow-pin chain
Pegs: Magic Fruit
Front Wheel: Proper magnalite radial laced to Alienation PBR using regular stainless black spokes with black aluminium spoke nipples
Rear Wheel: Ares Boo freecoaster with Ti axle with black double butted stainless spokes with black DT aluminium nipples 4x laced to Alienation Deviant rim
Rim strip: Odyssey rear & electrical tape front
Chain Tensioner: -
Front tire: KHE Mac 1 1.75"
Rear tire: KHE Mac 1 1.75"
Tubes: Standard

Mods: nope, all standard
Weight: 7.2kgs

While we were out getting the pics, Ronnie's wheel exploded & actually destroyed the rim in the process....


  1. "Wow" what tyre pressure?


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