Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shane Badman's new ride!

Colony & newcircle rider Shane Badman recently put together his new 2010 ride featuring his signature Colony Cube frame & bars along with a whole list of Colony parts to round it out.

Superman provided the inspiration for the colour scheme... ;)

Frame: Colony 2010 Cube 18.85"
Fork: Colony Cube Fork
Handlebars: Colony Cube bars
Grips: Macneil
Barends: Colony Konka
Brake levers: Colony Transformer x 2
Cables: Odyssey Slic
Brake: Suelo Front
Headset: Colony
Spacers: Carbon Fibre
Stem: Colony T.L.D
Seat: Colony Pivotal Flatland
Seatpost: Colony 330mm
Cranks: Colony Colonial 160mm
Bottom Bracket: Colony Spanish 19mm
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle 22t
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Chain: YBN half-link lite
Pegs: Colony Jam Circle
Front Wheel: Colony Clone wheel (Clone rim & rub laced with stainless steel spokes)
Rear Wheel: Alienation Deviant rim laced to a KHE Geisha lite coaster with 36 double butted spokes
Chain Tensioner: KHE Dubz
Front tire: Odyssey Frequency G P-Lyte Kevlar 1.75"
Rear tire: Primo Comet 1.5" (rides the same as a 1.75")
Tubes: KHE Twiggy x 2

Mods: Back to double front brakes, trimmed 1/2 inch of either side of the bars
Weight: lite!


  1. Nice ride, SuperShane! I guess you are super psyched now! O'roo,

  2. Bar looks good shane, as does the engraved headtube, tech!

    shoot out some new circle stickers this way and i'll represent for you!

  3. Lol! why are you running a KHE dubz tensioner? ahahha

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