Saturday, October 3, 2009

National Flatland Championship - Peru

Francisco Lindo does a lot for flatland in Peru. A good friend of Melbourne's Karl Hughes, Francisco sent over a video from Peru's National Flatland Contest that went down over the weekend.

The contest was really nice. We had some problems, because this is our first contest in a lot of years, but the riders are really inspired to ride the best they can. The floor doesn't help too much, because it's a parking lot and not as flat as we expected but what ever, all of us do our best effort to make what we all do, riding flatland.
Some problems with the tires, like four of us had holes in the tubes, but when the problems are resolved we start to ride. The contest took like 2 and a half hours, hard to judge, but here are the results:

1st place Williams Perez
2nd place Antonio Marrache
3st place Jorge Nazario

Congrats to you guys, and keep the good riding!

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