Thursday, June 18, 2009

West Oz... where the action is

Shaun Jarvis & the Freestyle Now crew over in West Oz have been keeping very active of late. They had a demo go down at Duncraig High School with other Perth ripper Andrew McDermott keeping the flatstyles alive.

It was not a normal Freestyle Now demo as only Andrew was riding along with some of the students from the school ripping it up on the ramps. My freecoaster hub on my new bike is not working so and I'm now waiting on some replacement parts. Hope to have them before the weekend to get some good riding in... - Shaun Jarvis

And in other news from Shaun...
I've been doing a bit of my old job this past week as well: painting a friends house and have enlisted the help of Russ to help out. Russ aint got a job at the moment so if I can help him out with some cash I will. If any one wants to give Russ a job he can not only paint a house but can build web site, awesome artwork and graphic design work.

And with the Colony Underground finals in Brisbane on July 4 - Shaun will be busy getting the trophies done.... check below for the previous version - sick!

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