Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paul Chamberlain update...

Paul Chamberlain & his wife Jen have been clocking up the miles on their trip around the Americas. Paul stuck this little piece up on the Flatland Australia forums recently....

Hey guys,

I´m at Cuba at the moment. I´m going to do a full write up for the blog when I can get some pics from SD card onto the computer. This is difficult out in the country in a country where internet is a luxury.

I don´t have my bike with me here. It would be more of a burden to be honest seeing as we´re staying max 2 or 3 days in one place. A couple of days ago Jen got sick and we were quarantined... Crazy shit. There´s no swine flu in Cuba so they´re really cautious. They have really good health care here... A shit load better than America as it´s all totally free.

We climbed up a mountain to a waterfall today and saw a couple of snakes which was good. I smoked a couple of Cuban cigars too and found out that smoking cigars is a totally filthy habit that I seem to enjoy. We´ve got two more weeks here so I´m allowed to smoke 2 more cigars! Better make sure they´re massive ones!

After Cuba we´re going back into Mexico and then back into the USA. We scored some cheap tickets to Iceland so after the USA we head there. By that time I´ll need a job so I´m looking... I miss riding but I get to do it again in July. Now I´m trying to learn Spanish and take exercise so it doesn´t feel weird when I ride again. . .



  1. good to see paul still has this way of directly forward whilst riding.

  2. Sobre gustos no hay nada escrito.