Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rebelyell BMX Magazine - Issue 8 OUT NOW!!

Chris Polack - world renowned BMX photographer, editor & part-time flatlander - has the 8th issue of Rebellyell out in stores now!

Here's a short blurb on this issue:

Rebel Yell #8 'the hands on issue' has landed and is already causing a stir in the Australasian BMX scene merely days after its arrival. Hailed 'the best mag yet' by riders nationwide, this issue focuses on BMX as a self sufficient and creative subculture. Interviews with Russel 'rusty' Brindley and Nick Hills showcase some seriously burly bike control as well as some witty and interesting lifestyle views. 'Band of Brothers' attack of the Hotel Wrecking City Traders documents the tight and exciting underground rock n roll music scene that dominates Melbourne Suburbia, with a tight and intense live show from one of Australias best kept secrets.
Also featuring music, art and video reviews, BMX games coverage and 'Do it yourself' BMX spots from all over the country.
With stylish layouts, left-wing rants and Photographic imagery that'll knock your socks off, the subtitle 'Photography, lifestyle and the truth' has never been more relevant to an issue. Get hold of a copy now!

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