Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Imax Jam report - Rob Barker

Melbourne rider Rob Barker sent through some great pics & a few words about a jam they had recently..

Augest 30th Sunday at 1.30 pm myself and partner Kylie (aka camera girl..lol). And the young bloke Markus got to Imax. Most people arrived around 2.00pm with Shaun, Karl and Grant arriving soon after and Jim around 3.00pm. It was a fairly cold day with a little bit of wind and a few raindrops here and there but luckily winter is slowly leaving us. There was some nice afternoon jamming: Grant was dialling combos as usual... I was doing my usual..not too much..lol... Markus was getting some tricks out... Shaun was clean with some new things up his sleeve.. Karl was just warming up and got a puncture(bums and their bottle smashing) and Jim was powering his combos out. The weather stayed average so we headed for a feed and checked at the Bali spot for a half hour afterwards.. loads of skaters and not much room with all of us guys and them there so we all headed back to faithful Imax for the rest of the arvo...

Great day!!

Most of us were there..and the rain stayed away as best it could!!

Grant Cruise

Jimmy Couwenberg


Rob Barker
Photos: Camera Girl Kylie

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