Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sydney exposed...

Sydney has been made infamous over the years as being the second home for Michael Steingraeber. Beyond that though is a tight scene that regularly session together. There are a bunch of cool places to ride around Sydney & local rider Kilmer was kind enough to give us a small tour of these along with a couple of short bios. Stay tuned for more to follow....

NAME: Val or "Kilmer"

AGE: what does a number really say about someone?

YEARS RIDING: started out 97, got serious in 99, lost brakes and on/off for years. as of last 3 years ride weekly

RIDE: 99 GT Show - most components changed for weight and handling

STYLE: brakeless, mostly front wheel, working on bar-flips

OTHER: saw a dude doing a time machine on TV in a sports store and been riding since.

NAME: Alwin

AGE: oldschool

YEARS RIDING: on/off since 89

RIDE: Ares Garuda

STYLE: bit of old, bit of new, learning to "pump" rolling tricks

OTHER: inspired to start riding watching RAD videos

Riding spots in Sydney...
Is under an office building. It's lit and sheltered and can hold 6 riders-good when it rains-2 mins from train station

Where it all started - Sydney's most known BMX spot-half hour ride from any station-has a skatebowl and plenty of room

Huge number of netball courts newly surfaced-not accessible without car (near Maroubra)

Middle of the city - easy access - many like the spot if you can put up with skaters, people, gaps between the tiles.

the new GO TO spot. easy access, heaps of space and good surface

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