Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shane Badman & Simon O'brien bars & forks update!

Simon O'brien & Shane Badman have their signature bars available through Colony. While Simon's is already available, Shane's will be dropping September & available somewhere near you.

Simon's Deja Vu bar...

*Flatland specific 4 piece design.
*6.8” rise with 23.25” width.
*6º back sweep.
*1º up sweep.
*Weight: TBA.
*Available in Black, White and Assorted Limited Edition Colours.

Shane's Cube bar

*Flatland specific.
*7.9" rise.
*24.4" wide.
*2.5 degrees up sweep.
*2.5 degrees back sweep.
*Weight: TBA.
*Available in Matt Black, White, Candy Red & Candy Blue.

And here's a sneak peak at the new forks available shortly....

Deja Vu fork (offset)

Cube fork (zero offset)

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