Saturday, August 15, 2009

OG Summer Camp - Hungary

Badman recently left Sweden after nearly a year spent there. Next stop is Hungary for a month riding, hanging out with the OG guys & checking out the OG Summer Camp held in Szombathely.

First week in Hungary was pretty chill. Local street riding legend Ben Shenker had his bucks party that got pretty loose including go-karting, BMX street racing & long board diving at some huge swimming complex. Good times by all.

I'm currently at Szombathely riding on the mega-court. It's crazy hot for the past few days that we've been here but a lot of riding is still going down. Along with the Hungarian riders, there are a heap of riders from the Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Ireland/Brazil & Australia!

Such a laid back event, it's cool to see everyone again, hang-out & ride. There is a chill contest this weekend that the OG guys are putting on... stay tuned for more updates soon!


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