Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 OG Summer Camp & Contest

The OG guys sure know how to put on a good event. They've had a lot of experience in the past with running the Gypsy Games for many years & it long had the reputation as possibly the most laid back, fun event you could hit on the contest calendar anywhere in the world. Long may the Gypsy Games RIP.

But with the passing of the GG, the demand for a chilled out event was still there so the OG guys again stepped up & put together the OG Summer Camp & Contest. Where previously the GG was held in the small city of Ajka, the Summer Camp was given a new location in the beautiful city of Szombathely. As a much larger city meant more things to do & for the first time all the riders where able to ride together in the same place.

Running from the 12 - 16th of August it gave everyone a chance to ride hard, get used to the surface & catch up with friends from around the world you don't get to see too often.

I arrived with the OG guys, Andras & OG Marton on Tuesday to get some riding in & help setup. Denes Katona (who is pulling the craziest nose-wheelie, whiplash variation combos you can imagine) & Zoltan "Buri" Barta who runs the Hungarian BMX website where already there having arrived the Saturday earlier. Not a lot of people had arrived yet, but many were expected in the coming days.

The format for the camp was simple. Wednesday to Friday was riding & chilling with a lot of people visiting the water park & down town in Szombathely. The weekend were also practice days but Saturday also held the qualifiers for the Expert, Master & Pro class with the finals for each to be held on Sunday.

By Friday the 2,500 square metre mega-court was getting packed. The Czech Republic had the biggest turnout with some 30 riders showing up - awesome! As always, the turnout was global with riders coming from Slovakia, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Russia, Germany, Austria, France & Australia & of course the Hungarian scene was well represented.

The contest placings can be found here so I won't go into any detail on those & i'm sure there'll be many vids coming online in the next few weeks too.

What I will talk about is highlights from the week.
  • Denes Katona currently owns rolling tricks. Any & all whiplash variations from the pedal, the rear peg - you name it he's combo'ing it some way. Oh, & he's also rolling cross-handed nose-wheelies as long as he wants....
  • The Czech guys have a really healthy scene. So many riders, everyone is really motivated & they were out there everyday pushing each other & smiling the whole time.
  • Speaking of Czech guys, Dominik Nekolny is dialled. I mean really dialled - he's got the hardest switches on lock & is also one of the nicest guys you could meet.
  • The Deep crew know how to have a good time. With Frank Lukas & Matti Rose at the helm they were always on a mission to get something done: photos/video/riding/partying - in any order at any time.
  • When it comes to putting on a top notch event the OG guys have it sorted. The fact that roughly 100 riders came from many countries & everyone had a good time is testament to this.
Here's a bunch of random photos from the week....

Waldemar Fatkin

Denes Katona

Dominik Nekolny

Alexis Desolneux

All photos courtesy of Andras Pentek at OG Bikes. For more photos click here.

A huge thanks goes out to Andras, OG Marton & all the OG crew for putting on another great event. As it was the first time run in Szombathely on the mega-court & with the hostel, things all went surprisingly well. Bigger & better things are planned for next year so hope to see everyone there again!


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