Friday, July 31, 2009

Roll Call: Oz riders!

Shaun Jarvis has been keeping a close eye on the Oz Flat Scene of late. He just worded me up on what's been going down of late...

The Tasmanian crew love the rain and the cold...
Leigh “Twaff" Waddingham is riding in the paint and panel workshop
Matt "Woodo" Wootton is almost getting hang fives to half packers on lock
Chris “Lenny” Letchford said that when he is not platting his pubes and eating beef he’s been outriding.

The Brisbane lot are rollin it hard...
Brett Dighton wants a video camera pointed his way to show the progression
Roni Rampton is learning cross foot whip to cross foot hitch hikers and opposite karl kruzers.
John Walsh is keeping it and Roni said some other groms are getting involved

The Sydney siders are mixing it up...
Simon O’Brien is going hard and has recently been riding with Tomacz
Rhys Mason - ex Sydney rider now living in Alice Springs has been riding and keeping it up to date.

In West Oz Aaron Bandy has been riding so hard that he and his wife have made a baby and that he and Russ are riding as often as they can. Trent Karrow said he has been on 92.9fm radio and at channel 7 don’t know what for but I don’t think its bike related. Could be casting for a show??

Canadian Eric Effinger will be arriving in Perth in a few more days time. Looking forward to that.

Ben Moran throwing down...

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