Monday, June 29, 2009

Tim Lee - Bangkok scene report

I've gotten to know Tim over the past few months through the wonder that is the internet. This soon-to-be Australian resident has been doing a little travelling of late before he ends up in Sydney over the next few weeks.

Currently in Thailand, he has been spending his time constructively visiting the various riding scenes & getting to know the riders & the culture personally.

Tim was kind enough to grab a few shots & put some words together for us all... enjoy!

Welcome to Bangkok, here is a small scene report on this amazing City.

It is basically my second home, as I went to school here and have lived here, on and off, for the last 10 years.

In this huge city of a population of around 6.5million people, you feel quite small in comparison to the massive skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From Street Vendors selling Roaches to the Market places and Malls where you can buy pretty much anything under the sun, to massive 5 star Resorts, to the slums on the Klong (River).

It is an amazing place with Dynamic Contrasts of the good, the bad and the ugly!
But it is not impersonal it is culturally Alive and Vibrant.

Getting around is quite easy with a host of transportation means - buses, taxi's, Tuk-Tuk’s, skytrains, subways, Riverboat taxi's, motorbike taxi's (which you wont catch me dead on - seen
way to many accidents!) only to mention a few!

--> Crazy Tuk Tuk Drivers

The Riverboat Taxis<--

--Flooding in the City--

It is now the rainy season, and when it rains - it pours.

Where sometimes the rain is so heavy, the streets flood and you could swear you were in Venice (so roll your jeans up take your shoes off and hope for the best) but i think it is the best time of year... after the rain everything is refreshed, its humid as hell and the best time to ride!

3 things in Bangkok you never leave home without is : bottled water, money and Camera.

The scene here is alive and kicking....with many pro's like Toon, Ping, Da, Tailwhip, Louis just to mention a couple.

Now getting to the spot to sesh is another story..... Everything is so spread out......

Either you risk life or limb and pedal in constant 6 lane rush hour traffic or you catch a cab/ Tuk-Tuk and waste about an hour maybe two in traffic. One of the most famous spots in Bangkok is the Kings Monument (Saphan Phoot)

--> Only way to sesh in the
back of a Tuk-Tuk

Traffic, traffic & more traffic!! <--

--> Saphan Foot - Legendary Spot

Victory Monument <--

This is Toon's local spot a Thai rider and a legend, Martti Kouppa himself came out here a couple years back picked a handful of guys and trained them for the Thai National team. Toon will ride here every weekday twice a day - his routine is relentless. But Consistency is the game. He aims at every link/ combo to be solid five times in a row. He and Ping are off to the worlds in Cologne soon - watch out for these cats!

Another awesome Spot is on the River – The Chaophraya, under the King Rama the 8th Bridge.
Plenty of Riders out that way too.

At Rama IX Bridge

The European and Japanese influences here give these riders a unique style.
All the riders are so friendly and stoked to see you when you rock up @ the spot; it is easy to make friends.
Usually how the session works out is, ride, ride, ride, chill out - mess about, ride some more, then afterwards everyone hangs out and usually has something to eat nearby.
In aspects of all extreme sports everything seems to be so well organized....
With many demos and expo's being held to make the public aware of our BMX culture.

Here are a few photos from one of these events...
Toon & Ping Rippin it up

Well, it’s off for me to Sydney in a few weeks time and i hope to meet a lot of you guys out and about!

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