Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simon O'brien... back in Aus!

Simon's just returned from an awesome trip he's just had in Japan. He dropped me a quick email to let me know how things went....

I'm good, hopefully didn't catch the swine flu and had a great time being with friends and my girl in Japan. Lots of Asahi beer and sushi.... good times!!

I spent just under 2 weeks there, got home yesterday. Already I'm really missing it, the people, style of Japan and shirt weather every day then back home to cold days and freezing nights.... average!

I spent most of the time in Tokyo and travelled north for 2 days to check out some temples and stay in a Japanese style hotel, was awesome, tiring but awesome!!

Overall a pretty relaxed time though. Didn't do too much, a few sights... Odaiba, Asakusa etc. a lot of chilling.

Can't wait for my next Japan trip! :)

Don't forget Simon is also working on the follow up to his phenomenal solo DVD Made You Look, that is due out next year... stay tuned.

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