Friday, June 5, 2009

City Voice Flat - France

Damien Hervieux of France sent me over this email about a contest that is happening towards the end of this month. Will be an awesome event - everyone should try to make it!!

“City Voice” is on its way to Grenoble and will give voice to the 3rd Grenoble Glisse Festival.

This new European Bmx Flat Event will take place at the “Anneau de vitesse of Grenoble” on June the 27th et 28th 2009

30.000 to 40.000 people are expected for the event

In this event you will find :
  • Amateur, Expert and Pro contests

  • Art exposition from the “Board Culture” presented by Spacejunk

  • Every contests and animations proposed by the Grenoble Glisse Festival : World Cup Skateslalom, World Slalom Series Roller, Slopestyle Ski & Snow, Bmx Street, etc.
An area of 600m² on the asphalt with a practice area will be there for riders (contests) and kids who want to discover the bmx flat.

A percussion concert of the “40 batteurs”, a party and some “boeuf bourguignon” (famous French food) are planning too in the weekend.

Prize Money Pro, a UCPA journey in France for the Expert winner and other prizes will be given to winners in each category

Registration : Amateur (10€), Expert (15€), Pro (30€)

Websites : (For registrations & News about the global event)

Contact :

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