Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly roundup...

Quite a few things happening about the place. Colony head honcho & one time robot flatlander, Clint Millar has a cool segment on FAT BMX & also mentions yours truly & Simon O'Brien.

Speaking of Colony, Simon's signature DejaVu frame will be available from August/September depending on where in the world you are! Is there anticipation or what for that???

In other Simon news, he's coming close to finishing work on his house & will also be heading to Japan for a few weeks at the end of May.

Simon is also working hard on the follow up DVD to Made You Look. He's aiming for a release of early next year - if the riding in MYL is anything to go by, this next video is going to be a straight up masterpiece!!

Realise that this Colony edit has been put up of him sessioning last year, but it's worth checking out again!!

Simon O'Brien from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

And finally, the big man of West Oz himself, Shaun Jarvis has had the very best of medical technology applied to his elbow. In the words of Shaun himself...

"I just had 40 million cells injected into my elbow today. These cells were cultivated from a very small piece of my patella tendon. The goal is to allow this cells to fix the torn damage in my elbow tendon. Yes, I have been suffering a really bad tennis elbow for the past 8 months & I'm hoping to have it fixed with this research treatment".


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