Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roll call: Andrew "Buff" McDermott

Hey everyone..!! After 2 months off with RSI in both wrists, I'm back on the bike (minus the brakes), and riding as hard as ever. The bike has been into my dads Panel Shop recently, with some paint being applied. I love the new look, and with Transformers-2 coming out soon, I aptly named my ride 'BumbleBee'. lol Taking the brakes off has forced me to change my riding style... a change that can only help me progress, so it's a welcome one.

Most days I'm at my local High School basketball courts, but once a week, I meet up with Jarvis and Mike B. in the City, and we session the Concert Hall. Awesome spot to ride!! Smooth surface, great 'down-town' vibe, and tons 'o babes walking by, all day. What more could you want..?? With Shaun and Mike both sharing my hunger to progress, every session is filled with an energy that pushes us all to strive for more... a vibe that the scene in W.A. hasn't had for a long time.

Besides riding, I try to get into the gym and hit the weights 4 times a week, and run everyday, also. The X-Box has been getting a workout lately, too, with the new UFC game making my thumbs sore, and with 'Guitar Hero: Metallica' out tomorrow, that RSI might rear it's ugly head again..!!

Colonys first 'DownUnderGround' series is coming to a close, with the last stop coming up in a few weeks, in Brisbane on July 4. I'm really looking forward to it..!! Besides the fun of riding and competing, it's been really awesome to be able to see the other riders from around Australia on a regular basis, throughout the year.

pics thanks to Mike Brandt & Lindsay Wilson

See you all soon..!! Thanks for reading :)


  1. sik words, but even sicker - the spots this guy rides. I mean, damn. They look perfect. England SUCKS man. SUCKS.

  2. erm. Nice spot. that frame is terrible.

  3. That is a nice looking frame.