Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flatland back in major contests?

Fat Tony from Ride US has written a very interesting article about modern flatland & it's potential to be back in the spotlight with the rest of BMX. With big contests like Ninja Spin & Jomopro is it too far to think that flatland could be included in the Dew Tour???

The last time flatland was in the X-Games it was all Simon O'Brien taking the Gold...

Image thanks to ESPN

In Australia we've been lucky that the BMX Games have always included flatland. Like anything there have always been a few challenges along the way, but judging by the recent contest in January it looks they've got the formula right.

Image thanks to Jason Cho

For the future & growth of flatland - not to mention an opportunity for riders to make a living from riding, I think it would be great to have flatland back alongside the rest of BMX.

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  1. woah! your from Austrilia? Thats so cool! i'm all the way over in North Carolina, - its says you posted last on May 6th. Its still May 5th over