Saturday, May 16, 2009

Colony Down Underground info - Updated!

Brett Dighton just sent me over the finalised flyer for the Colony Down Underground Series final in Brisbane on July 4. All sponsors & details are finalised.

Shaun Jarvis & crew have finalised the judging criteria that will be used for the contest.

And don't forget on how to get there...

Judging categories & format for the Down Underground round 4: The Finals

Three (3) Judges

Judging categories

Each category is judged out of 10 points - best score given by one judge would be 30 points

Middies class
2 runs up to 1 1/2 minutes in length
all scores from the three judges added up to find total score for rider
highest number of points wins

Advanced class
2 runs up to 2 minutes in length
all scores from three judges added up to find total score for rider.
top 4 riders go into a battle format final

Advanced class battle format final
top four (4) into the battle format final

The judges will decide the winner by vote

4th battles 3rd, the winner moves up & the non winner gets 4th place.
The winner from previous battle, battles 2nd place qualifier.
The winner moves up, the non winner gets 3rd place
The winner from previous battles 1st place qualifier.
The non winner gets 2nd place & the winner of this battle receives 1st place

The countdown has begun!

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