Sunday, May 10, 2009

5 minutes with Ben Moran...

Every scene has a rider that completely breaks free of everything around them. They walk their own path & their angle of view is always just that little bit different. Enter Ben Moran. I've known Ben for quite sometime now, I think the first time we met was a few years ago in Sydney for what was the Planet X-games at the time. Out of nowhere showed up this kid who completely blew everyone away - original tricks & hard combos.

Fast forward a few years & Ben's no different. He brings a fresh approach to the scene & riding - his approach reminds me a little of Pedro Melo from Portugal: totally original & completely unique in his riding & approach.

Full name, where you live & years riding
Ben Moran. Je suis de Waubra & I have been riding for six years.

Your riding style is very unique & I know that you ride quite a bit of street. Can you describe how that has had an influence on it?
I just like to ride street to mix it up a bit, it doesn't influence my flat riding it's just a good break from the ground "that I often hit & it hurts".

The first time we met you were riding a super-dialed bike & the last time we rode together your bike was nearly falling apart? What happened in the meantime?
The first time we rode together my bicyclette was only quarter weeks old & I didn't ride any street then. Thou my bicylette looks derelict like myself, mostly it runs good... mostly.

Who or what are your inspirations for flatland?
Riding wise I would have to say the usual suspects, Chase, Jesse, Martti, Raphael & Lee Musselwhite.

What goals do you have with flatland?
That's easy landing something "Yeah".

What are your 5 travel destinations?
Fraser Island, Bro Town, Tasmazing, Kangaroo Island & of course Brunswick st (Melbourne), (Yeah I know I haven't done much travelling).

I remember hearing about a trip you made earlier this year where you rode your bike 80kms to another town... what's the story?
Well it was in a town called Hyden in that great state Western Australia. It was either wait a week for the bus, or ride to Merredin. I got my provisions at le marche, & hit the smooth asphalt, the whole trip was flat as the deux flats I got 'flat out bro', anyway back to the freakin story; so I rode about 80kms the first day & arrived in Narembeen were I had my beauty sleep. I woke up the next morning & proceeded to question my sanity for this journey of self discovery, then I rode the next 70kms to arrive in Merredin - "go figure".

What does the future hold for yourself?
Well apres I take first place in Brisbane; I am going to Darwin, why you ask? because I haven't been there before. {Relating to that first place statement that was first in judging so get your money out, I am taking bribes now}.

List 5 riders or people that you would like to session with daily & why
I would have to say Paul Chamberlain because of his love for the ground & The Streets........album. Michael because he pushes you to get tricks done. Andrew McDermott because when your sitting down he is still riding. Jason Parker because he moves around the bike with style & has fun doing it. Kate I would like to have a session with her; oh! I almost forget to mention that word because.

Final words & thank yous!
Thanks to my friends Paul & Jen for letting me stay at there place so often & hooking me up with demos, also going on that trip to Tazzie. Michael & Matthias for introducing me to fessebook,those "Crazy Frenchman". Ali for getting back into flatland again & involved in the flat community "Cheers Bro". Ronnie & Brett for letting me stay at there place in Brisbane & showing me an awesome time, bring on round quatre. Tomasz for the accommodation in Sydney, not only can he ride flat he also shreds on the streets (Props Bro). Thank you Shane Badman for this interview, keep ripping the ground of Europe & a Big Thanks to my family.

All photo credits: Andrew McDermott

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A short video of Ben's riding can be seen on Agoride by clicking here.

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